Empowerment, love, self-acceptance, and deep forgiveness for doing the best we can and for others, doing the best they could (even if they failed miserably). These epiphanies are seeds of self-confidence.

Art with a Story. Guides for Your Journey Home
Cynthia speaks of a journey home to your authentic self, who you signed up to become when you landed here. Who are you before you and your ancestral families bought into the conditioning of colonization?

Every work of art has a story to tell. It is rooted in the stories of the artist who made it. Once you invite it into your home, Cynthia's stories and intentions for resilience becomes a part of your life and your stories are folded in.

Art can be the painting over your couch or the sculpture in your garden. It can also be your coffee cup, your favorite outfit to wear, a bag you carry or a pillow to hug. These become imbued with your intentions for a life filled with resilience, calm, moments of delight and fortitude. Standing up can be scary. Gather physical reminders to stay in your heart, protected or insulated from those concepts and emotions that are not yours.
When these objects are created from Cynthia's heart space, they are stunning to behold and a joy to live with.

Owning your voice, acting on your intuition and practicing speaking your inner truth to power is a feminist act of protest. You belong to the ever-widening circle of awakened women and feminine energies.