Accessory Bag -Seeing Inside the Joy

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You have permission to feel joy, no matter how bad things are. Allowing yourself to feel joy is medicine. It boosts your immune system. Gratitude is key to internal healing and shifting your inner strength.
Look to Louise Hay who brought Aspirations and Affirmations to the forefront of healing. Her work can be a source of information. This item can inspire your daily thought process. Write your aspirations, your wishes, dreams, visions. This is your story to write, it can be fantastical.
Your life matters.

Organize those sacred and supportive items you need to support yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Bring your heartfelt art with you. Make your travel, whether it’s for your healing inner journeys or to the grocery store, the neighbors, school, work or vacation, sacred and supportive. Writing implements, small treasures, prescriptions, crystals, items you carry with you for good fortune and health, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, snacks.

These durable 100% polyester poplin fabric bags feature a black/gold zipper. Made in USA. Care instructions: Machine washed on cold, no bleach. Tumble dry on low. Do not iron or dry clean.

Thank you for supporting the art and thought processes that come through intuition.

Gratitude, Cynthia

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