Journals: Guides for the Journey Home (Your story to write)

Journals Toward Authenticity - Journey Home to Your Authentic Self

Who are you before the pre-conditioning? Its time to claim your authentic voice. Putting pen to paper shifts something in your soul.
Open up your chest, throw back your shoulders
and exclaim, “This is who I am. If you don’t like, I am okay.”

Write your aspirations, your wishes, dreams, visions. This is your story to write, it can be fantastical. Your life matters. Whether you're looking for a book to record your innermost personal thoughts in, or just somewhere you can jot down your appointments and important phone numbers, everybody needs a sturdy journal. The high-quality, matte laminated cover holds 80 college ruled pages (160 pages front and back). 

Thank you for supporting the art and thought processes that come through intuition.

Please email me if you want one of the writing prompts that can accompany this journal.

Gratitude, Cynthia

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