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Play is Medicine. 

For your own health and well-being to continue your dreams of saving the world and deeply serving those around you. Here is some key advice

Play is medicine. Health and well-being of your human body is of the utmost importance for your soul to carry out its purpose on this earth and beyond. Working yourself to the bone is a colonizing, conditioning control mechanism that may go back many generations in your family.

Strip away the conditioning beliefs that makes you overwork. What fears bubble up if you think about taking care of yourself? What is underneath that? Is it real or learned?

What can you do to make yourself smile today? Joy is not overrated. Joy is medicine. We’re not saying you must be happy all the time. It’s okay to have up and down days, to feel life’s fluctuations.

One of the greatest acts of self-love, kindness and protest is to take care of you. Play is medicine. Begin a list of prescriptions (ideas, creativity, music, people, toys, objects) that feed your body and your soul authentically.  Give yourself permission to accept your value and importance no matter how much work you do.


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