Throw Pillow: Curiosity and Appropriate Questions

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Curiosity and Appropriate Questions: The Hungry Ghosts.

Open yourself to fresh ideas and perspectives, rethinking the past. Begin to ask new questions or inquire deeper about the ones rolling around in your head. Working with the Hungry Ghosts: Our Ancestral Journey Home. It’s time to claim your authentic voice. This is Your Story to rewrite. Take ownership of the power of your soul’s purpose.

This image is a reminder that you are here on purpose. You are valuable, your spiritual heritage offers you clues to deeply comprehend your deep importance. Practicing Self-Love is an act of protest, telling all the generations behind you and in front of you that you matter, that they matter. 

(See the Blank Journal -Curiosity and Appropriate Questions's description for more details on how to begin this awakening journey) for more thoughts on decolonization, overcoming generations of extreme discrimination or forced migration.

Thank you for supporting the art and thought processes that come through me as intuition. I am not a big commercial artist, but rather a soul who uses the gift of art to help community. Gratitude, Cynthia

These cozy throw pillows feature high-quality fabric and prints that will upgrade your space. Zippered cover care instructions: machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and gentle cycle only, hang to dry. Do not bleach. Sewn pillow care instructions: spot clean only.

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