Coming Fall 2020:

Flying Lessons: Inquire Within are Workshops to explore and open yourself to fresh ideas and perspectives by asking new questions or inquire deeper about the ones rolling around in your head. It’s time to claim your authentic voice. This is Your Story to rewrite.  Take ownership of the power of your soul’s purpose.

Cynthia has been honing these workshops for years and especially thanks to her work with A PLACE OF HER OWN™, her arts based healing program.

womxn participating in an art workshop in Cynthia Tom's Studio at 1890 Bryant St. 302, San Francisco, CA


  1. Intuitive Collage 302™ 
  2. SoulCollage®
  3. Love Letters To Myself
  4. Exploring Hungry Ghosts: Our Ancestral Journey Home. Exploring family patterns of trauma. Our ancestral trauma and resilience are part of our DNA. If we learn to embrace our Hungry Ghosts, (Cynthia refers to these energies as chronic heartache, conditioning, ancestral family patterns), we can begin to deeply heal on a spiritual and emotional level. (Hungry Ghosts is a term used by Asian cultures referring to tormented spirits roaming the earth with insatiable longing.) Accepting our Hungry Ghosts as allies, naming them, shining a light on them and inviting them for a chat, allows us to see the gifts behind the experience.