Journal 2: Curiosity and Appropriate Questions (Worldwide Shipping)

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This book is created in Britain and ships worldwide. Most of my other journals are created in the US, only shipping to US addresses.

Write your aspirations, your wishes, dreams, visions. This is your story to write, it can be fantastical. Your life matters. Curiosity and Appropriate Questions: Leaving oneself open to fresh ideas and perspectives based on old ones Working with Your Hungry Ghosts. Its time to claim your authentic voice. This is Your Book To Write.

(There are 2 versions because one book is fulfilled by a "U.S." only manufacturer and I wanted to make this work available internationally)

Hungry Ghosts (Concept from a multitude of Asian cultures that refers to hungry ghosts as unhappy spirits that roam the earth with insatiable longing.) Evoke the ancestors to help you on your Journey Home in this journal. What have been your causes of chronic heartache? Are you clinging to beliefs or conditioning that holds you back?

I teach a workshop called A PLACE OF HER OWN and in that class we learn to name our Hungry Ghosts to bring them to the light. When you shine a light on them, their power begins to dissolve. You gain perspective up above the depression, anxiety and self-doubt. You realize that this is all from conditioning, not just from your childhood, but from your family's ancestral/generational experiences with colonization, war, forced migration and extreme discrimination. Your family developed patterns to cope with stressors, when unspoken, the reasons go untold and the trauma gets absorbed as personal.

What was happening in your root country before your family left? Its time to fill your life with support and love, beginning with naming who you are and true self-acceptance. After naming and recognizing your family patterns and hungry ghosts, you begin to forgive yourself and those around you.

Who are you before the conditioning and influences through the generations? Learn to own your wishes, hopes and aspirations. That is where you life's work lives.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, this is not therapy. Please seek professional help when you need it. I am an artist and a woman of color that has been using these questions and my artistic imagination to heal myself from years of hurt. I share this with you in hope it will help you with your journey as a supplement to all the other modalities you are providing for yourself. Self-Love is an act of protest, telling all the generations behind you and in front of you that you matter, that they matter.

Thank you for supporting the art and thought processes that come through intuition. Gratitude, Cynthia

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Designer Notebooks

Designer Notebooks

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