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"Come Out and Play" is part of this series of Guides/Journals recording your Journey Home. Where you are your most authentic. (Manufacturer Ships U.S. only)

Come Out and Play is the place to record who, what, where when you give yourself permission to have fun. Take your inner child out for a play date. What will you do? Where will you go? What will happen there? Take the time to be silly, put on a cape, embrace humor and joy.

Its time to claim your authentic voice. Open up your chest, throwback your shoulders and exclaim, “This is who I am.”

Its time to fill your life with support and love, beginning with self-acceptance.

Who are you before the conditioning and influences through the generations?

We all love snapping pics, using apps and all the other amazing things we can do with our phones, but nothing will ever replace that satisfying feeling of writing something down! Our beautiful notebooks are the perfect place for all your thoughts and plans!

Whether you're looking for a book to record your innermost personal thoughts in, or just somewhere you can jot down your appointments and important phone numbers, everybody needs a sturdy journal.

The high-quality, matte laminated cover holds 80 college ruled pages (160 pages front and back).

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