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Giving Their Stories Wings (part of the Feminine Empowerment collection)

Original painting is 11 x 14 acrylic and vintage dress pattern tissue on canvas. Canvas wrap print available.

"Giving their Stories Wings” – Amy Lam, San Francisco based intuitive healer, told me to stop holding everyone else's suitcases full of their stories. Lighten the burden, set the stories, the suitcases free. They were crowding my heart. I thought they were my cross to bear. 

Right here in this moment, wake up to the fact that others' lives belong to them. You can set their stories free. They are not your story, they are not your responsibility, theirs is not your life to lead. Lead your life, it’s time to start claiming your own suitcase, your story.

Amy Lam told me I had 100's of suitcases in my heart. Let them out, set them free. These are not your stories to meddle in. It is not your job to fix them.

Link to Amy

Amy is a licensed practitioner and longtime friend, fellow women's advocate and colleague focused on community wellbeing.

Whether you're looking for a book to record your innermost personal thoughts in, or just somewhere you can jot down your appointments and important phone numbers, everybody needs a sturdy journal. The high-quality, matte laminated cover holds 80 college ruled pages (160 pages front and back).